About The Garden

A gravel walkway, lined with barn stones and plant material reminiscent of the ‘day and night’ theme colors (whites, yellows, purples, blues) leads to the grand entrance Arch into the Sun/Moon Garden.

The Arch’s size and design was constructed so as to balance the weight of the huge Sun stone (mill stone) and orbital circles found inside the Sun/Moon Garden. The Garden’s centerpiece, megalith Sun stone and the linear Moon river stone, is enclosed and surrounded by a lush planting of horticultural interest. Plant material with large circular leaves or large circular flowers are found throughout the design to mimic the central Sun stone and spike like leaves of the Iris ensata ‘Variegata’ mimic the linear representative moonstone.  

The ‘day and night’ color theme seasonally ripples throughout the entire design. As we leave through this rear path there is a point where, looking back from the farthest stretches of the Solar System, we have a direct sight line through the Arch to the Walkway. Here, an Angel stands embracing a lighted torch, perhaps showing the way home when traveling among the stars.