About The Designs

Our designs are metaphysically based and include extensively researched concept information from many areas such as philosophy, mathematics, spiritual, etc. When finished our designs are art pieces as well as being functional.  All designs are a reflection of the combination of ideas of the client and us.


After initial discussions, a client questionnaire is provided to help you explore your conceptual ideas. A design plan is then generated from your ideas and our research. All of our designs are designed using sustainable materials, unusual plant material, stone, wood and natural crystals.

What You Receive

You will receive a hand drawn Garden Design plan including a listing of all the plant material. We then can install the plan for you or Project Supervise the installation with an installer of your choice.



Japanese Garden

Japanese gardens are a work of art in and of themselves. Every feature, plant, or stone in a Japanese garden has meaning and value in itself.


Sun & Moon Garden

This garden design was constructed so as to balance the weight of the huge Sun stone (mill stone) and orbital circles found inside the Sun/Moon Garden.


Vesica Piscis Sun Clock Garden

Our Award-Winning Viscia Piscis Sun Clock Garden, as the garden’s central point of energy, is a testament to the exactness and beauty of Sacred Geometry, Math, and Astronomy in tracking the Sun’s yearly movements.


Star Garden

Astronomy, physics, and math were the tools used to implement this design to recreate exact positions of stars in the night sky and tell one of the great mythological stories of soul transformation and love.


Stone Ruin & Herb Garden

The Stone Ruin is representative of an ancient archeological structure and can be admired for the unusual beauty of the design.


Spiral Garden

The Spiral Garden, a mathematical paradigm, was constructed to utilize the beauty and energy found in the movement indicative of spirals.


Artist Cove Garden

The Artist Cove Garden is designed as a haven for artistic endeavors, emulating the principle of water and its fluidity in the creative process.


Herb Garden Design

Our Herb Gardens offer several herbs that benefit our health and wellbeing, as well as to our pollinator friends.