About The Garden

The Artist Cove Garden is designed as a retreat for inspiration into the creative arts, namely, painting and drawing. It is built with choice stone that was quarried from the river adjacent to the property, with the design being intended as a retaining wall for the steep ground drop. The floor of the cove is constructed to feature metaphysical symbols.  

The location on the river’s edge was used specifically to utilize the essence of the water metaphor and creativity. Construction of the stone staircase used soft curves to emulate movement and flow. Additional steps were built down into the river indicating further metaphors concerning the principle of spiritual understanding and the flow of spiritual substance.  

The entire composition, using Geometry, was the mathematical culmination of a large feminine spiral. The horticultural plantings were chosen to reflect the emersion into substance and the release of energy. This design and plantings importantly incorporate the physical senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.