About The Garden

As all matter, including man, is made of stardust, this garden was designed to reflect our origins in the Great Mind of Creation. Astronomy, physics, and math were the tools used to implement this design to recreate exact positions of stars in the night sky and tell one of the great mythological stories of soul transformation and love.   

The garden is meant to be used as an insightful meditational walk; slowly and reflectively as a quiet stream of water. The very old large mega stones identify the stars and their location to each other. Plant material is highly important in this pattern, as it subtly directs our attention to the hidden information within the garden.  

As the individual traverses the interstellar connection from point to point, their chakras are illuminated, providing further pondering of what soul transformation means on the physical level, as well as on the spiritual level. The Star Garden is a metaphor for a walk in the River of Life as one immerses oneself in the sprinkling of stardust. This is a design that can be used for healing, education, prayer work, instruction, or entertainment.