One of our finest accomplishments is our unique stained glass art windows. These windows incorporate many mathematical, philosophical, metaphysical, and spiritual principles. We design them specifically to reflect our client’s views, thoughts, and ideas. The windows are constructed with extra strength steel frames when crystals, large or small, are embedded into the design.  These windows can be used for meditation and prayer purposes, as a window, or hung individually as an art piece. Each is signed by the designer and the glass artisan. The design is proprietary to the client therefore we never make a duplicate.

The particular crystals used in a window will reflect the nature of the principles represented.  Each crystal is hand selected for perfection and healing resonance. Crystals are a gift from the Earth and each carries its own energy that we can use to focus Light into and onto various aspects of our lives. The combination of art glass and crystals in a glorious metaphysical design is a powerful means of inward connection to Universal Consciousness.    

With our over 35 year’s extensive knowledge of and passion for metaphysical principles, we can create designs to reflect your own particular path.