About The Garden

Throughout the Universe, spiral patterns dominate the dark energy and dark matter illuminating the night sky with shapes that tantalize our imagination. Mankind has, from the dawn of consciousness, sought ways to mimic these patterns and understand their relationship to our being.  

The focal point of the seed of energy/Light started at a sacred location on the property where a large angel statue was positioned. The spiral, a symbol of the infinite, was laid out with precise math radiating out from the original seed energy. This particular spiral celebrates the feminine due to its direction with the spiral arm flowing through the gazebo. The floor of the Gazebo has six metaphysical patterns carved into the stone, again reminding us of our relationship to the infinite Mind.  

The pathways to and from the center sacred circle are also designed with metaphysical patterns and sacred numbers. The paths are dotted with particular crystals mounted on stone columns bringing crystalline energy to the sojourner walking this path.