Stained Glass Art Windows

One of our finest accomplishments is our stained glass art windows.  These windows incorporate many philosophical, metaphysical, spiritual, mathematical and sacred geometrical principles.  Each has a story to tell of how the Living Light of the Universe weaves throughout our lives.  It is the story of the process of becoming the great “I AM” within us, healing ourselves and bringing surplus of all that is good into manifestation.   A book describing the many levels of meaning designed within each window will be included.  The windows are constructed with extra strength so as to hold the various crystals, large and small, that are embedded into the design.  The windows purpose is to impose upon our consciousness the idea of infinity and our whole connectedness to the Universe and each other.  They are a tool for meditation and prayer as well as a beautiful art object.  They can be used as a window or hung individually as an art piece.  Each is numbered and signed by the artist and the glass artisan.  They number only from 2 to 25.  Afterwards each design will be discontinued.   Due to the nonconformity of the crystals and rarity of some, no two windows will be alike and therefore variations in the design of the windows are normal and to be expected.

The particular crystals used in each window also reflect the healing nature of the principles presented.  Each crystal is hand selected for perfection and healing resonance.  Crystals are a gift from the Earth and each carries its own energy that we can use to focus Light into and onto various aspects of our lives.  Crystals are remarkable substances made up of living matter.  They consist of subatomic particles that resonate just as all substances in the universe resonate.  The combination of art glass and crystals in a glorious metaphysical design is a powerful means of inward connection to the Source of All light.

There are presently five designs: two 52inch diameter moon windows, “The Light of Sirius” and the “River of Trinities”, and three 20x44inch windows, “The Tree of Life”, the “Infinity to Infinity” and the “Spirit of Light”.  They are mounted in a steel frame.  If they are to be used as a window the window frame needs to be supplied by the purchaser.

With our over 35 year’s extensive knowledge of and passion for the above principles, we can design windows to reflect your own particular path and philosophies.