Glass Meditation House

The Glass Meditation House is a work of art in that, it is, in its entirety completely hand done by our Amish artisans. The design is an example of sacred geometry, math and metaphysical principles combined to form a sacred place where grace and beauty comingle. Constructed so that light surrounds the inner meditation area at all times, the space is uplifting and conducive to prayer, meditation or healing work. The Glass Meditation House is one of our most interesting designs due to the many levels of spiritual understanding incorporated into its purpose. Every aspect of the inner space is used for a metaphysical reason. From the number of windows, with precise shapes for a particular area, to the designed art windows, which carry the message of the importance of ascension of spirit and soul, there is a beautiful focused energy. Many hours of reflective conversation can be had while sitting within its walls. As with all our designs there is no blueprint since each meditation structure is completely unique. The building differences depend upon what principles and philosophies are addressed. Our structures are numbered and signed for authenticity.

The wood material, Ipe or Brazilian Walnut, that we use in our design allows for the versatility of the building. Ipe is an extremely dense water resistant wood with a fire rating equal to concrete and steel. It has a beautiful deep mahogany color which can easily be maintained by applying an oil finish or it can be left to naturally weather to a grey color. Because of its beauty, strength, durability and low maintenance; it can easily be converted into a functioning greenhouse, an intimate dining room or a place to exhibit exotic plants, art, sculpture, or paintings. The Ipe species is considered to come from a sacred tree in the Brazilian rain forest. It is carefully harvested by law. Ipe is considered as one of the world’s most regarded medicinal trees. Healing is inherent in its nature thus making it appropriate for a spiritual retreat.