Japanese Tea House

Our Japanese Tea Houses, reminiscent of authentic rustic versions, are designed to be an art piece/structure in the garden.  Each design is different; therefore there is no blueprint version.  They are meant to be functional and useful as well as be a standalone structure to admire.  Our designs always strive to invite interaction with its audience on a number of levels. We make use of the sun/moon light as a vehicle of spirit allowing it to move around the room from every aspect.  The three designed stained glass windows carry a theme that is reinforced by the floor pattern and the carved wood overlay on the skylights.  The light passing through the overlay carvings form beautiful patterns that dance on the walls and floor, making the inside of the Tea House feels as though it were vibrating with a gentle Light force energy.   Every Tea House and its adjacent garden incorporate metaphysical and spiritual aspects that are woven throughout; some are obvious and others apparent only to those who seek a deeper meaning.  Innovative construction is our highest consideration when designing our structures.  Every detail is important.  We use choice wood selected not only to fit the environment but to enhance the design.  Wood is our vehicle for beauty just as paint is a vehicle for a portrait artist.  We import wood from all over the world looking for interesting color, grain, strength and durability.  Our goal is to align the Tea House on your property to best utilize the spiritual energy, Chi, and then design the surrounding garden to accentuate the cohesion of the entire area.  The outside garden is always an extension of the inside space; one should reflect the other. The end result flows in perfect rhythm and continuity as does the River of Life.

Our windows, glass, doors, latches and carvings are all done by our Amish artisans; there are no readymade standard components used.  The design dictates the material used throughout the project.  All our structures are signed and numbered for authenticity.