Japanese Stools and Benches

Our Japanese stools and benches are our own design.  They are extremely comfortable, simple and beautiful.  Hand crafted by our Amish wood artisans, they are nut and bolt free.  The stools and benches are built of selected exotic woods from all over the world and from Ohio’s cherrys, curly maples, walnuts and oaks.  The woods we work with are hand chosen for their interesting grain and durability.  Each crafted piece uses perfectly fitted and glued pegs that were cut for your individual stool or bench.  The hand rubbed oil finish is all we use—no stains or unnatural colors or finishes are ever applied.  No two pieces are ever alike so as to allow for variations. They were designed to be used as an art piece and as a meditation tool.  The reason for their tranquil beauty and soothing comfort is to open you to reflect on the uniqueness of all nature and Earth’s inhabitants.

Standard Wood Bench – $190.00 View Wood
Premium Wood Bench – $230.00 View Wood

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Type of Wood for Standard Bench
If mixing woods, choose 2nd type for Standard Bench(Optional)
Type of Wood for Premium Bench
If mixing woods, choose 2nd type for Premium Bench(Optional)
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