Double Star Tetrahedron

The Double Star Tetrahedron is an aspect of Sacred Geometry.  It consists of two Tetrahedrons superimposed upon each other.  From one perspective it forms the Star of David; from another angle it forms a cube.  The Double Star Tetrahedron is a deeply metaphysical symbol of universal energy.  For those who work with Mer-Ka-Bas, yoga, meditation, Chakras, dimensions, Rosaries, breath work or prayer work of any kind, this symbol is important for spiritual growth, healing and ascension work.   It is part of the sacred forms that are the building blocks of the entire universe!  Our Double Star Tetrahedron is of copper construction and measures two foot in each dimension of width, height and depth.  Copper, the chemical symbol Cu and the atomic number of 29, is a metal that is from the same family on the periodic table as silver and gold. Interestingly, raw copper occurs naturally as an un-compounded mineral.  These aspects are spiritual in and of themselves.

The history of copper use dates back 10,000 years.  Besides its everyday uses of electrical and thermal conductivity, the metaphysical and medicinal properties are deeply rooted in the consciousness of mankind.  Its relationship to water and air is sacred, witnessed by the chemical changes that occur when they interact.  It signifies the change produced within us as we grow in Wisdom and Love.  This is the River of Life and the Spherical Breath in action.  The result is the Substance of Creation.  Hang this symbol where you feel the Earth’s magnetic currents are the strongest. This is your Holy ground.   Realize that the energy of the eight star points, whirling as One on the inner, is streaming out pure Universal White Light; Infinite Love.  All the space around you is electrified and vibrant, safe and loving.  This is healing Power.