Crystal Mounted on Copper Shafts

Life Sparks, the metaphysical name for the most beautiful substance in all Universes, is that which underlies all manifestation. It is that which the smallest subatomic particles, such as Quarks, Muons, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Neutrinos and the elusive Higgs Boson, to name a few,  are made of.    It is infinite and finite. It is the Great Ain Soph Or.  It is the foundation of the Seen and the Unseen. It is the Here and Not Here coexisting together in the past, present and future; the greatest mystery of life and death in the Universe.  It is the Light that is the Crown above the Crown of Kether in the Kabalah; it is the Before Fountain Head of the Baptism of Christ; it is the Lotus before it became the Lotus.  It is the Holy Trinity of Mind, Substance and Power that flows from the River of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Crystals are one of the spiritual windows through which we can feel and spiritually see this presence.  Crystals, beyond being beautiful to view, are a means of bringing us closer to our inner connectedness with all Creation.  They are living vibrant gifts from our Earth and the Universe to us.  We use them for healing, protection, help, tranquility, prosperity, wisdom, love and much more.  Our crystals are mounted on copper shafts, natures own pure electrical conduit.  They collect, cleanse, heal and redistribute positive energy for our well being.  The shafts can be mounted on stone, wood or placed in soil; any substance that is of natural material so as to allow the connection to the physical Earth.  Used as a meditation tool, crystals open the Chakras and allow the spoken word to go forth and permeate that which we envision while in the Christed Consciousness.

There are only Blessings or Curses with which we may create.  Used positively, Crystal energy creates through the Law of Expansion.  This translates as Love.  Used negatively, Crystal energy creates through the Law of Contraction.  This translates as loss in the one who misuses this gift.  Our crystals are individually selected for their energy output and Shaman blessed before they arrive to you.  Some crystals will periodically be available wrapped in silver or gold wire.