Arbors and Green Arbors

Arbors are a wonderful addition to any plantscape.   Architecturally they add height, perspective, interest and beauty.  They can be used to separate an area inducing curiosity to see what’s beyond.  Acting as a doorway, they allow for a change of venue from one area to another without conflict.  Our arbors are handmade and each piece is designed to reflect the area where it will be used.  We build them out of unique weather resistant wood with a natural hand rubbed oil finish or we can design and build from hand forged steel.   Our Amish artisans are expert in both areas.

Our green arbors are built to have a portion of the roof planted either at a two inch depth or a five inch depth.  For avid gardeners, the green roof offers another opportunity to garden within your garden while being environmentally friendly in regards to roof runoff water.  The depth level expands your choices of plant material to complement your space.

In our designs we often use arbors to illustrate a metaphysical principle.   When done properly, an arbor extends and intensifies any concept of metamorphosis of the soul.