Arbors and Green Arbors

Arbors are a wonderful addition to any plantscape. Architecturally they add height, perspective, interest and beauty.

Crystal Mounted on Copper Shafts

Life Sparks, the metaphysical name for the most beautiful substance in all Universes, is that which underlies all manifestation.

Double Star Tetrahedron

The Double Star Tetrahedron is an aspect of Sacred Geometry. It consists of two Tetrahedrons superimposed upon each other. From one perspective it forms the Star of David; from another angle it forms a cube.

Japanese Stools and Benches

Our Japanese stools and benches are our own design. They are extremely comfortable, simple and beautiful. Hand crafted by our Amish wood artisans, they are nut and bolt free.

Stained Glass Art Windows

One of our finest accomplishments is our stained glass art windows. These windows incorporate many philosophical, metaphysical, spiritual, mathematical and sacred geometrical principles.

Tsukubai Stone Water Basins

Water has always been a central aspect in the consciousness of mankind. The interesting fact is that the Four Substances, Air (or ethers), Earth, Fire and Water are all bound up into life.

Inukshuk Sculptures

The Inukshuk (pronounced ‘in-ook-shook’), or Inuksuk as the Canadian Inuit People of Northern Canada prefer, is a sculpture concept that has been around for thousands of years.