The Sun Clock & Vesica Piscis Garden

Great design creates structures and/or gardens that require the viewer to use their imagination to interpret the imagery while immersing themselves in the overall beauty and symmetry of the design.  The concept of seeing the elaborate in the simple and plain and seeing the plain and simple in the elaborate requires speculation on what is and what is not before one’s eyes.  Our Sun Clock and Vesica Piscis water feature is designed using sacred geometry and physics and is completely laid out using circles that ultimately form the Flower of Life.  The circles, which are not immediately apparent to the viewer, form a pattern that is extremely energetic in form but to the eye appears quiet, peaceful and still.  The Megalith stones tell the story of the Sun’s rising path throughout the year while the four directional stones center the Sun’s place in its relation to the Stars.  The Feng Shui Gates bring to the feature an emotional quality and a sense of mankind’s relationship to space and time.  Another layer of expanding circles over the top of the design express the Law of expansion so necessary in spiritual ascension work.  The center stone in the Vesica Piscis, upon which sits the Egg of Life Stone and the Key Stone, not only tracts the sun but balances the crystals mounted on the clock’s megalith stones. These raised crystals also form another circle on a higher level.  The Flower of Life outer circle edges, all point in the direction of, or touch upon other relevant energy centers, such as the small Stone House, the Glass Meditation House, the Green Arbor and others in the immediate area.  This garden is elaborate in its mission.  It is beautiful to those who comprehend the deeper mysteries and also beautiful to those who appreciate a quiet and peaceful area to enjoy nature.