The Stone House Herb Garden

The Stone Ruin Herb Garden is whimsical in its nature.  The ruin is completely “green” in the concept of using circa 1850 American Chestnut barn beams and turn of the century foundation stones.  Great for tax credits.  It is designed to be an art piece in that it is a one of a kind structure; the material dictates the size, form and shape of the final composition. Standing alone the edifice can be admired for the unusual beauty of the design or serve as interactive art with multi-purpose ability.  It can be used as a potting house or as a leisure/entertainment space.  The nooks and crannies, filled with interesting artifacts, and open glassless windows conjure up interesting visual perspectives into the interior space or out to the surrounding garden.  It is meant to be a place where one loses the concept of time while meandering among its elements.  The herbal garden, surrounding the Stone Ruin, is reminiscent of a monastery garden.  One side lends itself to culinary herbs and the other side represents the medicinals.  The hardscape plantings include natives, edible plants and structural sculpted shrubbery.  The perception to the viewer is that the overall garden is an archeological find.  Children gravitate to the fairy like atmosphere as do their parents.  Here is a place where beauty and childlike joy resound in the heart.