The Solstice Garden

The Solstice Garden was designed to be a continuation of the infinity principle. The circle, one of the foundation principles of the world, is expressive of the formation of all substance, thought, life; the known universe. This garden was designed to not only express beauty and symmetry, but to open the mind to the universality of the never ending cycle of life. Each of the stones in this garden represents different aspects of conscious awareness and requires the individual to mark his/her path of ascension in a continuing circle or to traverse the energy by passing through on the path. The design of the repeating circles is a reminder of the gravitational pull of Light upon the human psyche. The garden is laid out mathematically to emulate our solar system with the sun and moon being closely related as the two bodies that constantly reflect Light upon Earth. The use of particular plants, with their color, texture and sacred meaning, brings into focus the mystical meaning of the Solstice’s and Equinox’s influence on our lives. As with all our designs, each garden offers hours of conversation and explanation. It is a tool for meditation on a number of deep spiritual concepts and allows for mental and spiritual growth. Peace and tranquility are a resultant aspect of following the Solstice/Equinox path as it leads you further into infinite contemplation.