• The Artist Cove Garden
The Artist Cove Garden

The Artist Cove Garden was designed as a retreat for inspiration into the creative arts, namely, painting and drawing.

The Solstice Garden

The Solstice Garden was designed to be a continuation of the infinity principle.

The Spiral Garden

Throughout the Universe spiral patterns dominate the dark energy and dark matter illuminating the night sky with shapes that tantalize our imagination.

The Star Garden

As all matter, including man, is made of stardust, this garden was designed to reflect our origins in the Great Mind of Creation.

The Stone Ruin Herb Garden

The Stone Ruin Herb Garden is whimsical in its nature.

The Sun Clock & Vesica Piscis Garden

Great design creates structures and/or gardens that require the viewer to use their imagination to interpret the imagery while immersing themselves in the overall beauty and symmetry of the design.

The Japanese Tea House & Inner Roji Garden

Our Japanese Tea Houses, reminiscent of authentic rustic versions, are designed to be an art piece/structure in the garden.